Access Map

Moosa's Guest House
4-1-22, Owada, Nishiyodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 555-0032, Japan

The way to MGH

img_019 a.Exit of Chibune stastion

img_018 b.right side of your face ,
you can see the stairs to down floor

img_006 c.go down the stairs ,you can see the “LOTTERIA”
then turn right and walk to the road

img_004 front of the road , turn left and walk on the sidewalks
for your safety, plese walk on the brick design(tile) walks

img_031 e.2minutes walk, you can see the bridge on the river, then across it

img_016 f.2minutes walk across the river, you see first traffic signal and pedestrian’s crossing, then go through it and pass under the overhead highway

img_014 g.1 minutes walk then you see the local bank building “尼崎信用金庫”on your right

img_003 h.walk along the street, you can see the “Sitara Halal restaurant ”on your right

img_015 i.then walk along the street for 2 minutes, you can see the “ENEOS GAS station”

img_037 m.and right side of this corner, you see the green color building next to the corner building.
Wellcome to Moosa’s Guest House!
right side building is the “Moosa’s Guest House” and left side is Anzz Halal Cafe on the 1st floor.(they look like different building but accutually, they are same building !)